Welcomt to Estarer.com

Geründet in 2011 years, Estarer offers our customers more than just bags! Our goal is to make our customers and clients a wide range of fashion jewelry and other gadgets with excellent customer service and advantages of easy and secure online shopping experience .

With deeper understanding of just offering the products with good quality and excellent service, we can get our customers' trust and supports, therefore, we are always striving to provide our customers quality products at a competitive price.Estarer.com have excellent customer service and will always strive to improve it.

constructive Suggests are always accepted,if you are hard to purchase your long-waited product, or have a bad experience at estarer, please tell us.

We appreciate your comments and suggestions very much because it will help us to improve.When you have any questions, please write to us email or contact us.

Business Name:ShenZhen OS Bluestar Technology Co.,Ltd(China Company)

Business Type:Ltd.

Business Address:
Room 202, WeiYe Building Min Zhi Da Dao Min Zhi Jie Dao
Long Hua New District

Telefon:0755-29842744(Mo-Fr from 10:00  17:00 Chinese zone)

Email: service@estarer.com   for US and others
             sales@estarer.com      for EU

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