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1:Read fashion blogger policy.

Are you a fashion blogger?

If you are a fashion blogger,
If you are a pretty girl loving fashion,
If you always want to show yourself and have followers who adore your style,
Then don’t hesitate, send us an email( yourself. You may get free jewelry that are worthy of $20 to $150 every month.

Fashion Blogger Policy

As different countries have different customs policy, we can't assume your import customs.

  • Please put our VIP logo on the homepage of your blog (becoming our VIP right now)..
  • You will become our fashion jewelry commentator if you take part in our activities. It is called VIP Fashion Experience Expert. We need you to put our VIP Fashion Experience Expert logo on the homepage of your blog, and this logo links to the home page of our website. We can track your comments about our fashion jewelry to update products and improve our services.

  • Please share your feelings about our fashion jewelry through network.

  • You’re obligated to take photos in our jewelry within 7-15 days after receiving our parcel, and post them on your blog, lookbook, facebook, twitter etc. In this way, we can get feedback from market in time.
    When you post photos and comments, please add the link of our website ( or the link of the products’ page. Then we can track the number of visitors from your blog to our website.
    We’ll send freebies to you via email every month. The amount of freebies you can get is mainly based on the number of visitors from your blog or lookbook or chictopia to our website after posting most or all estarer items, the quality and quantities of your posts.

  • We have the right to use the information of your post.
  • We may collect photos of your post and related comments. Sometimes we use the information, for example, we may put it on facebook or use your photos on our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

  • Please email us and send links of your post in time after posting our items on your blog, lookbook, facebook, chictopia, etc.

  • Please register on first before doing anything else.

We can only send freebies or coupons to you if you have a estarer account.

Fashion Bloggers Levels
Freebies $20/Month $40/Month $60/Month $80/Month $100/Month
Status full full  full  full   

Some levels are really full. Now we need fashion bloggers whose followers or fans are least 2000 on one platform. The main platforms we consider are blogspot, lookbook. The number of followers or fans we need may increase in the future.