Estarer USB Flash Drives Organizer

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Estarer USB Flash Drives Organizer


    • 6 Layers Digital Gadget Case,Compact Flash Memory Cards Case 16-Capacity,Designed For External Hard Drive and USB Flash Drives CF Cards. High quality rectangle with rounded cornors multi-function organizer for Hard Drives/SD Memory Cards/CF cards and Electronic accessories.

    • Made of heavy-duty, durable and waterproof PU leather with well padded semi-flexible covers.External dimensions: 19x11.5x3.9cm. Internal dimensions: 16.5x9.5x3.8cm

    • Simple and effective organizer case to carry your cables and flash disk.Easily fit into handbag or backpack.

    • Capacity: 8 USB+8 SD+1 Hard Disk+ others,please mind the 3.9 cm thickness to close the bag.

    • NOTICE:compared to the older usb case in our store, the new hard drive case has one more compartment, furthermore,the new case can hold CF cards